Class Supply List
PreKindergarten - Grade 3

 NOTE: MCS Color Coding Organization System

In an effort to help parents, students, and teachers get the school year off to a great start, MCS has developed a system to color code some of the supplies that students will be using. Beginning this school year, student’s grades 3-12 are encouraged to use a new color coding system to help improve organization.  Since organizational skills are essential to success in school, implementing this program at an early on is essential. To keep matters simple, each course or subject will be assigned a color so that notebooks, folders, and book covers can be quickly identified by students, whether at school or at home.  The subjects and their corresponding colors are as follows:










Although it is possible to purchase book covers in a variety of colors, brown paper bags that are cut to fit can be very durable and cost-effective. For example, brown paper book covers can be color coded on the covers and binding using colored markers.

Keep in mind when purchasing spiral notebooks, that many teachers prefer/require notebooks with perforated edges. 

Teachers at different grade levels may have additional or different requirements for certain courses, so please be sure to check the supply list for your child’s grade level before purchasing materials.
We hope that families will find the above information helpful. Working together will make the upcoming school year more organized and less stressful for everyone.

Backpack- no wheels
Small blanket to rest with- receiving size works best
1 box of Kleenex- to share with the class
Extra set of clothing-in a plastic bag

Package of baby wipes
An individual healthy snack for your child each day.
A water bottle labeled with your child's name (optional)

6 small glue sticks to our Kindergarten list! 1 small package of TWIST-ABLE COLORED PENCILS 1 small pack of THIN DRY-ERASE MARKERS (dark colors) 1 box of tissues to share 1 pack of baby wipes/refills to clean tables 1 HEALTHY snack sent in DAILY for your child 1 LABELED water bottle for your child to keep in cubby
First Grade

*All supplies will be shared, please do not label them.
1 box of tissues
1 box baby wipes
24 count box of crayola crayons
2 packs THIN expo markers
1 pack THIN highlighters
1 pack Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils
1 pack pencil top erasers
1 Composition notebook (NO SPIRALS)
1 pack glue sticks
1 Spill-proof water bottle labeled with your child's name (optional)
A snack for the class (16 students) that can be stored in the snack cupboard (crackers, pretzels, granola bars, etc.)

Second Grade
*We share all of our supplies, so please do not label anything. Only label the water bottle
One box of soft tissues
One pack (12 count) of #2 Pencils
Two pink rectangular erasers
A snack for the class (18 students) that can be stored in snack cupboard (crackers, pretzels, granola bars, etc.)
Four, two-pocket folders in the following colors: yellow, red, green, and blue
2 composition notebooks (Primary or Regular Rule)
Baby wipes
Broad Line Crayola Markers (thick markers)
24 count box of crayola crayons
One sports-style, spill-proof water bottle (with your child’s name)

Third Grade

1 - 1 and 1/2 inch binder (please no trapper keepers)
1 - Binder Dividers - Set of at least 4
2 - spiral notebooks (SS and Science) 
2 - composition notebooks 
4 - Folders - School Assigned Colors
  • Science - Green
  • English - Yellow
  • Math - Blue
  • Social Studies - Red 
colored pencils (12) 
Pencil case (soft not hard) 
Box of Tissues 

K-3 Speech
A 2-pocket folder
K-3 - Special Education
Please refer to grade level supply lists above.

K-3 Physical Education
Sneakers – For the safety of your student. Students must have some type of sneaker to participate in physical education class. Sneakers do not have to be new. Sneakers must be tied so they will not come off during an activity.